People age and some things change, but you know what hasn’t changed much since 1996? The Simpsons. Ok...the show hasn’t been as funny in recent years, hell seasons seven and eight, which aired in 1996 still hold up today as two of the greatest seasons of the show that Matt Groening ever produced. Just because the show may have overstayed its welcome and is showing its age, the characters are still ageless! Bart has been 10 for almost 25 years! The Monkees celebrated 30 years in 1996 their music is still as timeless today as it was back then. The original members of Kiss got back together and reapplied their makeup and haven’t removed it since (that’s probably a good thing.)

But I digress…Homer sure did meet some great musicians, particularly in the legendary episode “Homerpalooza”, where are favorite animated father found himself as a sideshow staple on the annual Hullabalooza tour. It was there he met his new friends like Billy Corgan and the rest of The Smashing Pumpkins. Sonic Youth appeared on a TV show for the first and last time, and Peter Frampton tried to show the public that his talkbox playing was still relevant. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t then, and probably still isn’t now.