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Episode 422: In Conversation with Andrew Shepherd (Roadkill Ghost Choir) About the Life and Death of A Band and What Comes After

Episode 422: In Conversation with Andrew Shepherd (Roadkill Ghost Choir) About the Life and Death of A Band and What Comes After

Roadkill Ghost Choir was a band.

Roadkill Ghost Choir are our friends

This is the story of how band is born, lived, and died.

RIP Roadkill Ghost Choir.


Episode 77: Roadkill Ghost Choir - 'In Tongues'

Episode 77: Roadkill Ghost Choir - 'In Tongues'

In our latest episode we cross the streams and break the laws of time and space to bring Andre back from far away lands and discuss In Tongues, the debut album from ROADKILL GHOST CHOIR. Emotions, thoughts, space jams, and probably lots of booze await you good listener as we dive, for better or for worse, into the latest record from one of the hardest working bands we know.  

INTERVIEW: Roadkill Ghost Choir

INTERVIEW: Roadkill Ghost Choir

Photo by Julia Lofstrand (julia@chunkyglasses.com / julialofstrandphotography.com)

Deland, Florida’s Roadkill Ghost Choir has been living a semi-charmed sort of existence as of late. What started as a songwriting outlet for singer/guitarist Andrew Shepard has blossomed into a full band that is not only winning the ears of fans nationwide, but the attention of their peers as well. Pegged as an opener for a tour with Band of Horses earlier this year, the expanded six piece (comprised of Andrew’s brothers Zach and Maxx on bass and drums respectively, along with Stephen Garza on lead guitar, Joey Davoli on keys and trumpet and Kiffy Meyers on pedal steel and banjo) have been spent 2013 crisscrossing the nation in true road warrior fashion.

This May the band visited our nation’s capital for the first time, and we were lucky enough to spend some time with them around their gig opening for Dead Confederate at The Black Cat. What follows is a snapshot of a band that may be just starting out, but with their potent and inspired blend of psychedelia, Americana and indie-rock earning them slots at major festivals like Louisville’s Forecastle and The Governor’s Ball in New York, it's clear that they're already well down the road to greatness.

LIVE: Roadkill Ghost Choir @ The Box (Charlottesville, VA) - 10/7/12

There are many firsts when you are in a band. The first EP you release, the first tour, the first night you all sleep in the van together, and the first time you see and hear someone singing along to your songs thousands of miles from home. These are just a few of the firsts Roadkill Ghost Choir has been checking off over the last few weeks, and a couple of weeks ago they got the chance to check off their first show in Charlottesville Virginia.

Opening the set with a monster 11+ minute performance which blended two new songs “I Could See Everything” and “Dead Friend” into a single musical piece, the Ghost Choir provided the intimate audience with a great introduction and foreshadowing of the dynamic cosmic soundscapes and range they would explore throughout the evening. Starting with a simple strummed guitar, the band built the groundwork of long shimmering pedal steel lines, Wurlitzer backdrops, and Brian Eno inspired ambient tones that intertwined beautifully with Andrew Shepard’s dynamic and powerful lead vocal range. “There’s no meaning to the words left on the lips of an old dead friend,” he sang as he bent and shifted between a brooding country twang, Tom Petty croon, and aching grunge yelp in a single line. All the while the band fluidly phased from a mellow country ballad to straight up indie rocker, only to end on an ambient piece that sounded like a pulsating neutron star whose gravity had enveloped everything that had just happened.

As a listener, these ambient transitional pieces provided a space to reflect on what they had just experienced. In this case, it also provided a perfect launch pad for the next tune, a straight up rocker that is still “Untitled”. Turning up the grungy guitar, bass, drum and vocal lines on a dime, the inclusion of non-traditional drawn out pedal steel and vintage electric piano gave it an overall fresh and new feeling. 

Episode 16: Rocktober And Everything After

In this, the headiest podcast yet, the gang tells all about the month that almost killed them, fogs up the van and travels back in time, because why the hell not? PLUS!!! New music from Australia's Tame Impala, Sweden's The Amazing, and finally (!!!) Florida's Roadkill Ghost Choir!!!

Episode 16: Rocktober And Everything After"