R. Kelly

Episode 344: Art vs Artist

Episode 344: Art vs Artist

R. Kelly. Michael Jackson. Woody Allen. Kanye West. Roman Polanski. Chris Brown. Harvey Weinstein. These and many more artists and entertainment luminaries have all reached the peak of and continue to enjoy great success despite being, in some cases, general a-holes, and in many, guilty of acting on, the worst impulses humanity has to offer.

On a very special episode, we're talking about the separation between art and artist, how much responsibility do we as fans have, and when enough should be enough.

REVIEW: Yeasayer - Fragrant World

Yeasayer’s highly-anticipated third album, Fragrant World, arrives today at the tail end of the hottest season we’ve had around here in the last hundred years, and the album is unfortunately an uneven collection of highs and lows - the highs are really high, but the lows are also pretty damn low. If you’ve had a summer filled with intermittent memories of roller coasters, music festivals, and camping trips, woven over a LOT of days spent drifting around your pool eating Cheetos in a heat-induced stupor, then this album may be the soundtrack for your summer.