Daily Listen: SpeakEasy - Legend In The Making

Hello from Wisconsin! Home of great beer, even better cheese and even better hip-hop. Wait? What? No, you read that right. Milwaukee, WI, home to many of my favorite things in the world is, apparently, now home to one of the largest, and most creative up and coming hip-hop scenes in the nation. Leading this charge is SpeakEasy, who shows that you don't have to be from LA, Atlanta or NYC to create some killer music. All you have to do is create it.

We'll post the entire interview that Milwaukee's own 88Nine Radio ran yesterday as soon as they do. It's a really great piece that showcases not only the immense well of talent that SpeakEasy is tapping into, but highlights why we so very much need great radio stations to support whatever local scene there is. Fact is, if I hadn't heard this yesterday, you wouldn't be reading about it today, which is why we all win when we share our experiences with music.
SpeakEasy - Legend In the Making

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