The Light Of The Sun

Daily Listen: Jill Scott - So Gone (What My Mind Says)

Picking up where Prince left off, Jill Scott gets, well, dirty on this track. It wouldn't be enough to be emulating the very best of the late 80's slow jams with a straight face. NO! Miss Scott had to take it there, and take it there she does.

I'll be honest, this song, actually, this entire album is so far outside my wheelhouse that I don't even know why I put it on this morning. But I'm glad that I did, because The Light Of The Sun transcends all of its less than stellar influences to become something that none of those albums could really pull of; it’s dead sexy.

It's not often that I'll praise an album for having that quality, but in the case it's the only appropriate complement. Sweet, funky, sensual, and on this track, dirrrrrrty, it's an unexpected gem in this years largely lackluster list of releases. So go ahead and press play...just try not to blush too much.


Jill Scott - So Gone (What My Mind Says)

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