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Jay Farrar @ The Birchmere - 10/28/15

Jay Farrar @ The Birchmere - 10/28/15

Jay Farrar has the distinction of having been in two of the genre-defining bands of the alt. country movement, first as a member of Uncle Tupelo and then as the leader of Son Volt. Released in 1995, Son Volt’s debut album Trace has become known as a classic of the genre. Last week, Rhino released a remastered and expanded version of the album for its 20th anniversary, and Farrar came to the Birchmere on Wednesday night as a solo artist (backed by original Son Volt pedal steel player Eric Heywood along with Gary Hunt on electric guitar, mandolin, and fiddle) to support the reissue. 

Episode 54: Tune-Yards / Old 97's

Episode 54: Tune-Yards / Old 97's

In this episode Kevin, Adam and Quinn convene in the rawk basement to get drunk and break shit while taking in Old 97’s latest, Most Messed Up…but not before they dive deep into Nikki Nack, the new record from TUNE-YARDS. PLUS! After seeing the tour closer at the 9:30 Club, Kevin commits to converting Adam over to the Future Islands cause. And the Pixies put out a new album last week? Without Kim Deal? What’s the world coming to? Go ahead and waste some time with us to find out!

Daily Listen: Uncle Tupelo - New Madrid


Ok. So maybe it wasn't that bad. I wouldn't know, as we're still working at thinning out the lobster population up here in Maine. But I hear that yesterday was a wild ride for our folks back home in DC. And today, it has been confirmed that the Washington Monument has, in fact, been cracked. So....fun?

Either way, the band Uncle Tupelo (featuring Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy), who were arguably the progenitors of alt-country, were singing about earthquakes way back in the 90's. In fact, by name checking Iben Browning's prediction of a quake in the song, they sent some people into sort of a frenzy over the whole thing. 

But that quake never came, Uncle Tupelo eventualy broke up, and now the Washington Monument is cracked. Coincidence?

Wait. What the hell am I even talking about.

Oh yea.

This is great song. About an earthquake. 

We're prepping our hurricane song for this weekend's fun.

Uncle Tupelo - New Madrid