TO DO LIST: Rufus Wainwright TONIGHT @ The 9:30 Club!

Is Tuesday evening stretching out in front of you like a barren wasteland of blank work spreadsheets and empty locos tacos wrappers?  Are you looking to get a little more Wainwright in your diet?  Then scrape together your Starbucks money and get on down to the 9:30 Club for Rufus Wainwright, touring with his sister Lucy Wainwright Roche, for a night of some of the best vocals you’re likely to hear this side of heaven.

Rufus Wainwright could sing the phone book and it’d make your knees buckle, but fortunately he has far, far better material for his amazing voice.  Promoting 2012’s Out of the Game, Wainwright is celebrating some pretty significant life changes (he recently married his partner and had a child with Lorca Cohen) with a new batch of songs about live and love, and if we’re very lucky he’ll pull a few selections off of Want One/Want Two and maybe throw in a Judy Garland cover or four.  Whatever he decides to play, Rufus Wainwright always delivers enough flair to satisfy even the most persnickety manager at Chotchkie's, and tickets are available HERE.

We think he looks a damn sight like Bellatrix LeStrange in this video, but you be the judge: