TRACKING BEST OF 2012 EDITION: #11 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Black Mold"

SOUNDS LIKE: The Blues Explosion bounced back rather successfully this year
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Because the Blues is still #1! Or on this list, #11

When The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion finally returned this fall after nearly a decade away, no one knew what to expect. They started playing shows a few years back, dusting off the cob webs from their gear and leather pants, playing all their old favorites for fans worldwide.  When they announced a new album, Meat & Bone, were we going to get a record covered in studio trickery like Damage or ACME? Or we're we gonna get the nitty gritty, Blues Explosion of Now I Got Worry?

The answer is obviously the latter, and the band rallied back with their assaulting new single "Black Mold".  The song is a bare bones, full on raging attack of what this trio has always been famous for.  Stripped of all the trimmings and nothing more than a huge slab of meat, every last part of the song is as thick as a T-Bone all the way down the crash cymbals.  This song isn't part of a three course meal, but it is a full helping of what JSBX fans have been missing out on since the early 2000s.  The blues are back, and they're still #1 where they have always been.