TRACKING: Local H - "Night Flight To Paris"

SOUNDS LIKE: Toadies, Japandroids, Triplefastaction
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: They're beyond their heyday, but they still rock harder than most bands out there

It seems than fans of pure, unadulterated rock use Japandroids as the bar as the quintissental rock and roll duo.  Maybe you weren't old enough in 1996 to be slayed by Local H like the rest of us (hey, I was only 12 and was sold on "Fritz's Corner"), but the duo of Scott Lucas and then drummer Joe Daniels blew up with their album As Good As Dead. Modifying his guitar to include a bass pickup, Lucas and current drummer Brian St. Clair have continued to thrash and tear apart any small club they play across the states over the last decade.

It's been four years since the conceptual break-up manual 12 Angry Months, and with the looming presidential election Lucas tackles politics on new album Hallelujah, I'm A Bum. Lead single "Night Flight To Paris" is classic H, a song plastered together from Lucas' brooding and intensifying melodies and St. Clair's hard hitting, cymbal clashing beats. Apathy and disdain of the poltiical atmosphere is clear in the lyrics, as Lucas pledges to follow the leader if they are living a life untrue. All of this, the sonic explosion and calling out of political leaders coming from two dudes who some of our modern duos should pay their dues to if they haven't already.