TRACKING: Telekinesis - "Spin The Black Circle"

SOUNDS LIKE: Power pop meets grunge rock. You'd think it sound silly, but it does not!
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Indie bands don't give enough respect to Pearl Jam. Telekinesis does.

Michael Benjamin Lerner just got home from finishing up his third album as Telekinesis.  He recorded it with Jim Eno (Spoon) in Austin.  It'll be out sometime next year.  As he returned to his office, aka recording studio, he decided to take a stab at one of Pearl Jam's finest songs off of one of their best albums.  The results are surprisingly good.

Like the original version from Vitalogy that is pushing 20(!?) years old, Lerner's take on "Spin The Black Circle" is raw and rugged.  Sure, he doesn't have the prowice of Mike McCready or Stone Gossard, but damn if he doesn't give it his all playing every instrument and singing every word note for note and line for line.  And while Lerner does his best to growl and howl like Eddie Vedder, he ends up in the middle of Vedder's original take and Lerner's sacchrine sweet voice.