That's it folks.. Rocktober is OVER and there's no better way to close it out then with the greatest rock record ever recorded. Think about that statement for a minute. Out of every rock record ever recorded, this one is the top of the pile, the head of the heap, the absolute NUMERO UNO.
There is ZERO chance that you haven't heard at least one or two songs off of this album, but I have to wonder how many of you have actually sat down and listened to this one all the way through. If you have, then you know....and while you may not agree intellectually with my assessment of Exile, your soul knows the truth and knows that I'm right! Remember when I said f@#@ the Stones when talking about Faces? F@#@ that. F@#@ the Faces. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has ever managed to sound this cool, this ragged, or this on top of the world. This is a drunk trip down the highway to hell and when they reach the end, Mick, Keith, Mick, Charlie and Bill intended to make Satan their bitch and take their rightful place as rulers of hell, rock and roll and all things AWESOME! AND THEY SUCCEEDED!  So take some time today, pour yourself a drink, a strong one, turn this up to 11 and celebrate everything that is absolutely fucking RIGHT with the world as it pours out of your speakers and fills your soul with the good stuff. Doctors orders.