For many years I was absolutely certain this was the greatest album ever recorded ... at least until Exit Stage Left came out and I had to call one the greatest studio album of all time and the other the greatest live album of all time. I was in 8th grade when it came out and a couple of months later I heard on the radio Rush was coming to Charlotte, an hour away. I convinced my dad and his girlfriend to take me and my good friend who was a girl. On the way there, my dad turned around to the back seat and proudly proclaimed "I never thought I'd get to go on a double date with my son, much less when he's 13." It was one of those after school special moments where we both thought the re-faced embarrassment would never end. It didn't ... at least until the first magical notes of Limelight opened the show. Almost 30 years later and a few things are certain: I've really never stopped loving Rush; that girl would never be my actual "girlfriend," and that's ok with both us because now we are both married, have kids and I feel even closer to her now than I did back then even though we live 5 states apart. I have never known truer kindred spirit when it comes to loving and talking about music ... even if our tastes have taken some divergent paths since then: In fact I'm going to bcc her with this email and see if she remembers that story.

- courtesy of Craig Davis